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Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense Essential Oil

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The many wonderful properties of frankincense has been known for many years, in fact frankincense had been traded for over 5000 years.  Today it is widely used in the perfumery industry for it's captivating aroma, in the cosmetic industry for it's many skincare benefits and in many churches and meditations because it is believed to help enable spiritual connection.

Botanical Name: Boswellia serrata

Plant Part: Resin

Processing Method: Steam Distilled

Description: A thin, colorless to pale yellow liquid.

Aroma: A base note with a medium aroma, Boswellia serrate has a warm and spicy, woody odour that is haunting, but milder than some frankincense from other origins.

Blends well with - myrrh, cedarwood, vanilla, lavender, geranium, bergamot, chamomile, tangerine, orange

Common uses:
  • one of the best oils for skincare - astringent, age/sun spots, complexion
  • wound healing
  • stimulates immune system
  • expectorant
  • anti-inflammatory
  • anti-bacterial
  • analgesic
  • coughs, bronchitis, laryngitis
  • emotionally- very grounding and balancing


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